Sunday, October 26, 2014

Don't sweat. Get it straight

This is one of those days I don't give a damn if my writing is ladylike or not.

I had this interview at this supposedly booking agent today.
This actually was the third one in these last two weeks.

All I can say is that I would keep managing and promoting myself rather than let these jerks walk all over me.

I don't mind doing random gigs. They don't have to be fancy and sparkly. 
However, I like working with honest people who take pride in what they do.
Whether it's translation or musical performance, that is my bottom line.

Anyway, I was furious earlier.
Furious at myself for not educating myself enough before I wasted time on meeting with these strange people.

But in order to calm myself down, I fed myself the best udon in Shinjuku and went to see Akiko's dance show in Yoyogi.

You see, dancers can never lie.
If they enjoy the moment, it shows through their dance. It's brutally transparent, but I would choose their plain honesty over any kind of bullshit even when these bullshits look kinda more sophisticated than our simple statement.

But you know what?
I just wanna live simple.

Thanks for reading. 
Let's have a good week ahead, y'all.


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