Thursday, October 15, 2009

Butternut squash cookies recipe バターナットクッキーのレシピ

I am back in town. Where was I? The big island of Hawaii.
I will write about the trip pretty soon.
This cold weather of NY just gets me back to reality! I love it though. Maybe.

So me and my cookies are back at the Weeksville Market.
I have been lucky to use local butternut squash as the main ingredient for the seasonal cookies.
I am sharing the recipe with you. It has butter / sugar.
Hope you will come up with original formula that suits your taste best.
And here is mine.

whole wheat flour 150g
boiled butternut squash 100g
egg- 1
safflower oil 80 g
honey 80g
cinnamon- a pinch
nutmeg -a pinch
baking powder 1/2 teaspoon
sea salt 1/3 tea spoon
raisin -as much you want

1. Mix the oil and honey thoroughly in a bowl till they become creamy. Then add beaten egg and mix again. Then put the boiled squash. Mash and mix. if you like the smoother texture, mash it thoroughly.

2. Sift the powder ingredients (flour, baking powder ,salt and spices). Put the sifted powders in to the bowl from step 1. Mix it lightly as you make any other cookie dough. Then add raisins if you want to.

3. Bake 12 to 15 minutes at 370 degree. It varies depending on your oven. Keep your eye on it.

hmmm Enjoy!!



ゆでたバターナッツ 100g
卵 1
なたね油 80 g
蜂蜜 80g
シナモン- ひとつまみ
ベイキングパウダー 1/2 teaspoon
シーソルト 1/3 tea spoon
レーズン -as much you want