Friday, May 21, 2010

ice cream, blue sky, fire escape, slack-key guitar and a bit alcohol アイスクリーム、青い空、非常階段、スラックキーギター、少しのお酒

Recently, I am working as an assistant for a theatre production that's coming up in June. 
They are going to have a Rakugo show in English. It is quite exciting.
Rakugo is a genre of Japanese traditional narrative/comedy where the storyteller sits on the stage alone and tell the funny stories that always have significant punch lines. What amazes me the most about this production is, that they put such a traditional Japanese story which is very subtle and so profound into English just marvelously. Quite marvelously. So please stay tuned for the updated info for the show.

Aside from that, today was one of the most gorgeous days in this ever-changing unpredictable sky of May. 
I decided to skip the Hula class (Sorry!), and was drinking a little bit on the fire escape while I was listening to the music of Makana, the Hawaiian slack-key guitarist. 
I have seen his live performance about five years ago at Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu. I was staying at my friend's house and her family took me there to show the live Hawaiian music. That was my very first time.
I was, I was just so speechless. Okay, of course by his superb techniques. But also by the perfect weather of that evening.  I can still feel the wind that came down from the hill in such a perfect timing when he was playing his composition Koi...It was certainly one of the most beautiful moments in my life.
Since then his two albums Koi Au and Kiho'Alu that I immediately bought at the show are my remedies when I find myself in a bit freaking out mood.
The result was...ha ha! I think you know. Night!




Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breathe, Relax, and Love (And the sky is blue as well)

So it was a crazy weekend.
Hula, some jobs, and My cookies' debut in Fort Greene.
I was literally running around in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Getting things done. Feeling so uptight!
Oh, and you end up being unable to do everything you planned to do.
I hate it when I realize I am the one who is pressuring myself by overscheduling myself...
I know there are so many people who are excellent at multitasking.
But, oh no. I just have to accept I am not one of them.
I mean, I know I can get things very neatly and organized when I can take time.
It is just two different kind people. It is not which is better or worse.
I am still learning to relax and enjoy the way I really now..
No matter how busy I maybe, I want to feel the warm air of May and smell the honeysuckle, right?
Hope I am making sense here....


Friday, May 14, 2010

iTunes! Here we come.

I am so excited to tell you our first album is finally on
Please check it out!

I was walking around Uptown today.
It was just a perfect day for a long walk!
Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day as well.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simple Melody

Hello there.
I was walking home tonight.
My breath was white, just like during winter.
The heater in my building is on as well.
Can you believe it ? It is mid May.
It was warm and beautiful a week ago. Hmm.

Here are some videos from the CD release party.
It is such a noisy back ground but please check it out!
Stay warm and sleep tight.